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DVDpedia 3.4.2
minas_Date: Thursday, 2009-04-30, 10.54 PM | Message # 1
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DVDpedia is a movie cataloging application for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort, it retrieves all the information from the Internet via keyword or UPC scan, so you have time for more important things, like watching movies.

It's a big world
DVDpedia lets you retrieve information about your movies, both VHS and DVD, from various sites on the Internet. You have access to all the Amazon sites as well as the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb) and several international DVD sites. To search you can use pretty much any keyword combination - movie title, director, actor, studio, etc. - or if you have a scanner or an iSight just scan the UPC and let DVDpedia do the rest.

As you like it
Set up collections to organize your movies just the way you like. That sounds like too much work? Then use the smart collections and have DVDpedia do it for you. The table view is not your thing? Then display your movies in the cover image view and browse them just like you would in a video store. Or if you like your display with a bit of personality, choose the customizable web view. Have a look at the screenshots below to get a taste of the possibilities.

Share the love
Your movie collection can say a lot about you. So don't be shy and let the world know what you have on your shelves. With DVDpedia's HTML export feature this is easier than ever. Choose the template you like or write your own and put it online. If you have a .Mac account, you will even be able to load the template straight onto your .Mac homepage. Easy as pie. And once your friends see what you have, you can manage the borrowing frenzy with DVDpedia's Borrowed collection. That way you will always know who took what and when, along with a little reminder when to start nagging your friends to bring the movie back.

Seeing is believing
These are just a few of the many outstanding features DVDpedia has to offer.

Available for users only

The links upload By MINAS_

~Warezg3.com-forum~ » Programs – Προγράμματα » Mac Corner » DVDpedia 3.4.2
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