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~Warezg3.com-forum~ » Programs – Προγράμματα » General Applications » Advanced System Optimizer 2.20 (Eleftherwnei mnimi kai to computer ginetai pio grigoro)
Advanced System Optimizer 2.20
MagicTeamDate: Saturday, 2009-04-25, 2.12 AM | Message # 1
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Advanced System Optimizer is the easiest and most comprehensive way to keep your PC running smooth and error free. It works with all version of Windows - 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP and VISTA .

Make your computer faster & more stable in just few minutes.

Cleans your hard disk files making your PC run better and faster without crashes !!
Registry Cleaner to clear invalid registry entries.
Registry defragger to fine tune your Windows System Registry.
Privacy Protector to clean internet history, cookies, cache, and any hidden tracks kept by Windows.
System files backup and restore with single click.

Do I need Advanced System Optimizer?

The constant use of Windows, installing and removing new programmes, makes the working of windows slower. In many cases, performances of Windows goes down. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a utility, that saves your system resources and optimizes the performance of your windows.

Please compare the two graphs below and see the differences this utility can make to your system.

Features of Registry Cleaner and Fixer

* Cleanup and streamline your Registry
* Minimize the chances of Bad Software installations
* Safely cleans unneeded system data to prevent errors
* And many more...

Registry Cleaner and Fixer is a tool which helps you find and remove unnecessary and invalid registry entries that are created over time due to various installations and un-installations in your system. It also removes the dead entries that get created while moving and deleting any files on your system which can produce junk data and bulks down the registry. Registry Cleaner and Fixer is an advanced registry utility which can clean and help you keep the registry intact.

Key Benefits:

* Improve system response time.
* Avoid system crashes.
* Smooth system functioning.
* No invalid entries.
* Streamlines your registry.

Features of System and Disk Cleaner

* Erases the tracks you leave behind
* Cleans the Junk files on your PC
* Speeds up your PC
* And many more...

Windows applications create several files on your hard drive to store data temporarily. These files are supposed to be removed when an application terminates. However, applications often fail to remove such files because of program errors, sloppy architecture, system reset, improper shut down and application crashes. Any such file would remain on your system unless you manually search for it and remove it.

Over the time, these junk and obsolete files accumulate on your system and consume megabytes of hard drive space. They may not only lead to error-producing cross-linked drive references but can also produce hazardous results if not properly and regularly cleaned from your drive. Presence of such junk files in quantity might cause:

* Data loss.
* Cross-linked drive references.
* Sudden application crashes.
* Fatal errors in your applications.
* Virus like behavior.
* Mysterious reboots.

To stay away from these foreseen problems you should regularly use ‘System and Disk Cleaner’. System and Disk Cleaner targets these specific type of files that are often missed by common disk utilities, uninstaller, defrag and scandisk utilities available in the market.

Key Benefits:

* Get rid of junk and obsolete files on your PC.
* Speed up general system performance.
* Protect your privacy.

Features of Privacy Protector

* Ensure protection of your personal information
* Maintain your system privacy
* Remove the footprint of your actions from your system
* And many more...

Not all of the computer users are aware of the fact that Windows and other software programs store traces of the documents accessed on their system, the web sites visited, images and movies ever watched etc. These traces are stored in the Windows registry and cannot be erased thoroughly. That is why hacking of a system is an easy task! Even Windows cannot delete such tracks from your system!

Do not feel insecure anymore! Why not to own a watchdog for your system that provides safety and security at a very low cost? Privacy Protector is the right utility which would meet this requirement appropriately and efficiently.

Privacy Protector gives you all that you and your system needs! Its unique cleansing feature erases the traces left on your system so that no one can follow your activities on your computer. Apart from its hi-tech cleansing functionality, it enhances your system performance and keeps your data secured and confidential.

Key Benefits:

* It’s creative interface and good design makes it very easy to use for a novice user. Just a simple click can do wonders for your system!
* The Privacy Protector consumes less of your system resources thereby increasing the level of your system performance.
* While working on your system, you leave some traces behind that can be tracked down easily. Windows stores all the actions you perform in ‘Windows Registry’. By deleting such traces you can free yourself from being tracked down!
* Maximum security and no leakage of information stored!
* Clears the network browsing history, details of recent document shortcuts, history of files etc and gives your system a better layout and a good maintenance.

Features of System Files Backup and Restore

* Make the complete backup of System Files.
* Avoids the chances of bad software installations.
* Boost your PC's performance.
* And many more...

Computers are highly vulnerable medium that might get affected by number of factors and in numerous ways. There may be software corruptions, viruses, power failures and lot other reasons that can cause unexpected hardware damage. The result may be loss of data due to something that is totally out of your control. In such a circumstance if you have a recently backed up copy of your data it is a just too simple to restore it and get back to work!!

System Files Backup and Restore comes with an easy and user friendly wizard that lets you backup system files and restore them in case of system failure. Thus you can always revert to the last-known good configuration and minimize chances of bad software installations and virus attacks.

System Files Backup and Restore is a powerful utility that currently supports backing up of Windows Registry, System Files and Per User Registry Settings.

Key Benefits:

* Easy backup and recovery process.
* Focuses on protecting your system files, the most essential element of your operating system.
* Takes complete backup of System Files.
* Minimize the chances of virus attacks.
* Avoid the chances of bad software installations.
* Flexibility to import earlier backup or backup taken from different account on your computer.
* Another important tool is restoring the backup, with which you can always revert to the last known good configuration.

System Files Backup and Restore Features :

* Make the complete backup of System Files.
* Avoids the chances of bad software installations.
* Minimize the chances of Viruses.
* Lets you make the test trial installations by first making backup and restoring them later.
* Only per user backup of Windows Registry with the facility to Import data of other users.
* Allows you to create an Emergency System Boot Disk.
* It is the simplest Backup Program. With a single Click Backup and Restore Procedure.

Features of Registry Defragger and Optimizer

* Build a brand new registry from the old one
* Improves System Response Time
* Saves Memory as small registry consumes less memory
* Privacy Protector, Removes delete data from the registry

Registry Defragger and Optimizer

Registry Defragger and Optimizer, optimize the Windows registry. Registry is the central database on Windows where all the information about your installed applications and system settings are stored. Every now and then new software are being installed or uninstalled on the system and the Windows registry gets accumulated with useless and unwanted entries. This slows down the overall performance of the system.

Registry optimizer builds the fresh registry from the old one by removing fragmentation, gaps, deleted entries and boosts your system's performance.

We recommend you to use Registry Defragger and Optimizer at least once a month but its important to run it whenever a new program is installed or uninstalled.

Key Benefits:

* Builds a brand new registry from the old one.
* Saves memory as smaller registry consumes less memory.
* Prevents the registry corruption.
* Improves System Response Time.
* Improves bootup time.
* Improves Application Response Time.
* Privacy Protector removes the deleted data from the registry permanently.


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~Warezg3.com-forum~ » Programs – Προγράμματα » General Applications » Advanced System Optimizer 2.20 (Eleftherwnei mnimi kai to computer ginetai pio grigoro)
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