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Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.90
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The leading Windows Mobile maintenance utility and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards Finalist - Pocket Mechanic Professional will keep your device in perfect shape with a robust arsenal of powerful maintenance tools.

With Pocket Mechanic Professional you can:

* Optimize your device for peak performance
* Detect and repair common problems
* Relocate data and installed applications to storage cards
* Increase free memory
* Format, defragment, scan and repair storage cards

* (NEW) Outlook maintenance - clean and repair issues
* (NEW) Cleanup and repair notification queue problems
* Defragment entire volumes or individual files
* Defragment and optimize the application heap (RAM)
* Scan flash cards for errors and repair them
* Relocate installed applications and data
* Completely uninstall installed applications
* Analyze the storage card slack space
* Logical and low-level storage card format
* Registry cleanup
* Find the largest files on your device
* Find the largest folders on your device
* Find and optionally fix invalid shortcuts
* Clean up notification queue duplicates
* View the contents of the Windows CE database volumes

Technical specifications
Supported Windows CE versions:
* Windows Mobile 6 (NEW!)
* Windows Mobile 5
* Windows Mobile 2003 / Second edition
* Pocket PC 2002
* Pocket PC (ARM, MIPS, SH3 processors)

Supported screen resolutions:
* VGA portrait (640x480)
* VGA landscape (480x640)
* QVGA portrait (320x240)
* QVGA landscape (240x320)
* Square (240x240)
* Square Hi-res (480x480)

Cleanup and repair Pocket Outlook
Find and repair Pocket Outlook issues, remove duplicate contacts and appointments, delete email junk, orphaned attachments and invalid database records

Find large folders
Quickly show which folders are eating up the most space on your Pocket PC. Identify space hogs and how much storage space those folders consume, and the count of files and folders in them

Find large files
Find the largest files on your Windows Mobile device or storage cards. Monitor storage space usage, identify space hogs on your Pocket PC and optionally delete files that are no longer needed

Repair broken shortcuts
Finds and repairs dangling shortcuts on your Pocket PC, fixes application startup errors and issues with missing help files, deletes broken/invalid link files

Duplicate file remover
Powerful file system management utility that will help you free up space and reduce clutter on your Windows Mobile device and storage cards by finding and deleting duplicate files

Windows CE database manager
Browse and manage Windows Mobile databases, view the contents of individual records. Access information only available to applications like Pocket Outlook

Recover bad sectors
Advanced data recovery utility for Pocket PCs that will detect and repair physical bad sectors on your Windows Mobile storage card or micro-drive and make it reusable again

Format storage card
Format all types of storage cards and micro-drives on your Pocket PC. Wipe storage cards clean. Improve flash card reliability by adding a backup FAT copy

Slack analysis
View the slack - wasted space due to use of clusters for storing files on a FAT file system on your Windows Mobile storage card and find optimal cluster size to minimize slack on your Pocket PC

Scan Disk
Finds and repairs any errors on your storage card, including lost clusters and file chains, cross-linked clusters, corrupted files, file allocation errors and invalid directory entries

Storage card benchmark
Comprehensive set of storage card and memory benchmarks for Windows Mobile to evaluate, report, and compare file system, low-level media and cache performance

Free RAM
Effectively reclaims unused RAM from running applications, increases the amount of free memory, defragments Windows Mobile RAM heap, improves device responsiveness, prevents lock ups

Storage card information
View detailed storage card information describing file system, low-level geometry, statistics, fragmentation and device driver attributes

Fragmentation status
Finds fragmented files and folders on the storage card of your Pocket PC, displays a map of the cluster chains. Defragments individual files and folders

Powerful Windows Mobile storage card defragmenter that will rearrange the files on your storage card like children's tile puzzles until all files and folders become contiguous


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~Warezg3.com-forum~ » Programs – Προγράμματα » PDA - PocketPC » Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.90
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